Citation tells a compelling story with a convincing performance from its lead.


Citation tells the story of a young student named Moremi Oluwa who takes on the academic establishment when she reports a popular professor who tried to sexually assault her.


Citation is Temi Otedola’s acting debut and she delivers an easy performance. That is to say, that performance is seemingly effortless. Even in the scenes that are heavier in tone, she carries them with ease. Is her acting convincing 100% of the time? No, but those scenes are few and far between. Her character Moremi is likeable, warm and witty, while also being strong. You latch on to her likeability and willingly follow her throughout the challenges she faces. Temi also has effortless chemistry with her costars which makes everything feel more complete.


The story is told non-linearly meaning we are told the story in bits and we jump between the past and present. I like this format because we see what is happening and how we got there at the same time. It also leans on the unreliable narrator method of storytelling as a character gives their account of what happened and then we actually get to see what happened.

Justice isn’t blind here. It has 20/20 vision, all in favour of the faculty.

And she is 100% right. A lot of time, when it comes to cases like this one, the victim rarely ever gets justice. In the case of this movie, Professor N’Dyare is respected in academic circles while also being incredibly popular so Moremi is fighting an uphill battle from the start. And sadly a lot of people go through this, the stories are picked apart and discredited from all angles.

CGI/Set Design

My first comment about this movie was “The cinematography is really good.” and that is because it is. The colour-grading changes throughout the movie, allowing different hues and colours to depict different scenes and the changing tone of the movie. The cinematographer Jonathan Kovel uses spacial awareness to show not only how close characters become but also how they far they drift apart.


This is the one aspect of the film that I have no comment on. Like a lot of Nollywood movies, the score is fine. There are so sweeping, emotional pieces that add depth to the movie and that’s okay. The overall score ties into the tone set by the movie.

Overall Thoughts

Movies like Citation show that Nollywood is headed in the right direction. The movies are better crafted and introspective and this is the first time a Nollywood movie has covered this topic with much care and detail. You have a well-written story, chemistry between the cast and good performances and like I stated, Temi Otedola gives a compelling debut performance.

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